Introduction to AOQI App V1.0
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Introduction to AOQI App V1.0
Posted on Nov. 10,2017 By admin

AOQI App is owned by AOQI Inflatables Limited. This App will help all the subscribers know more about AOQI Inflatables and her products. It will build up an easy way of communications between AOQI Inflatables and the subscribers by below functions:


l  New designs announcement: that would help the subscribers know AOQI’s new designs more frequently and instantly than checking AOQI’s website.

l  Studying the new structures or advantages of AOQI’s new products or the existing ones: that would help the subscribers know those products much better than just seeing one picture from catalogue or website.

l  Case analysis to the safety regulations: that would help the subscribers know more about the EN 14960 standard and how AOQI takes her efforts on this standard to ensure each of her products complies with EN 14960. The case analysis will also teach the subscribers what is unsafe so that potential risks or hazards can be avoided.

l  QR Code scanning: that would help the subscribers obtain more information of the product through code scanning, such as the picture(s), item number, size, as well as the price and video which they can’t see in the catalogue.

l  Enquiry List: that would help the subscribers choose the products they like to purchase and put them into a pool, similar to the Shopping Cart. Then the Enquiry List will be automatically generated which can be easily printed out or sent to AOQI in one click. This would be much more efficient than marking down all the item details and email the list to AOQI.


This is the first version. The AOQI App V1.0 will be upgraded to new versions in the short coming future.


Thank you for choosing AOQI App V1.0.


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