Giant Ocean Inflatable Fun City

Giant ocean fun city AQ01808 12X20X10.5MSummer is the warmest of the four temperate seasons, between spring and autumn. It is marked by the longest days and shortest nights. However, summer is coming! Do you want to play with the inflatable animal? Do you want to play with the huge slides? Imaging playing on an inflatable product with the lovely ocean animals, here we come! In this summer, AOQI Inflatable limited introduce their new product which is called giant ocean fun city. The size of this product is 12X20X10.5mH/39.3’*65.6’*34.4’.

As you can see, we put so many lovely inflatable animals design by the ocean in this giant ocean fun city. Also, it is a very colorful inflatable product. We use so many different colors to build this Giant ocean fun city, we want you and your children will have a really strong visual impact. At the same time, this giant ocean fun city has 8 slides, which mean it is really big inflatable product, it provide enough area to have more and more people play in it.

The giant ocean fun city is a good way to have fun in the hot summer. The lovely animals will bring a really good memory to the children. At the same time, this giant ocean fun city is a great way to promote healthy activity, what do you waiting for, join us right now!

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