Inflatable Wrecking Ball Game

Inflatable Wrecking Ball GameHave you ever heard of the Inflatable Wrecking Ball Game? It is one of the popular sport games too. Wrecking Ball is an inflatable game suitable for kids, teenagers. It is one of the extreme games too. There will 4 or even more players involved depending on the size of the inflatable arena. All of the players will have to stand on their own pedestal (or the higher inflatable pads). The game begins with one player grabbing the middle ball and throws it at the other player (or the opponent) hardly so as to knock this player off. This opponent player then will have to try their best to catch the swinging ball and then hurls it toward the other player without falling down the pedestal. Those who fall down will have to leave the game, and so the last one who is standing will be the champion of the game. If you love this game, come and check out our inflatable Wrecking Ball series. 

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