Two Important Factors for a Good Inflatable

Here are two important factors that you have to pay attention to before purchasing any inflatable.

First, it’s materials for both outside layers and inside walls or sections. This is the most important one because material cost takes up more than 60 percent of the total cost of an inflatable game. A good material has good endurance, strength, proper thickness, water-proof, and no toxic which comply with specific safety standard. AOQI’s material properties comply with EN14960 European standard.

It’s easy to see and check the material qualities of the outside sections, however, it’s very difficult to tell those of the inside sections or walls because it’s almost invisible for a completed game. A good inside sections has strong tensile strength and pulling strength like our PVC tarpaulin. Those thin material like 210D oxford nylon could be very easy to torn apart, and they can easily get mildew and the game will be rotten inside after used for a while.

Second, it’s the printing. A good printing has to be with good inks and films. Those with cheap Chinese inks and films could get easily faded with time, and finally makes the inflatable look terrible. The inflatable with many printings on it can make it look very fabulous and fantastic, and good printings make it never fade.

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