Important Notice

Given that many of our customers have been defrauded by other companies that bear our brand "AOQI", we feel obligated to warn all AOQI customers against potential frauds. Please read the following carefully.

1. Our company name is "AOQI Inflatables (CO.,) Ltd.". We attend expos and shows held by IAAPA three times every year and you can check our company info on the floor plan of IAAPA official website

2. We have no branches or subsidiaries. Companies like AOQI Inflatable toys Ltd. or other companies that bears "AOQI" has nothing to do with our company.

3. Our company's official website is, our alibaba website is and our Made-in-China website is

4. Websites from other companies often steal our product pictures taken from our factory or our new design pictures to confuse and lure customers. We have customers who thought they order from us but later discover that they were cheated by copycat companies. They suffer great losses by the poor-quality products they receive from those copycats.

5. We kindly ask all customers to be vigilant and report us any companies that you find suspicious to avoid further losses.

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