Anti-fraud Notice

Dear AOQI customers,

Given that some buyers from other companies have lost up to hundreds of thousands US dollars to online frauds recently, we feel obliged to warn all customers against the potential online frauds via emails.

To avoid losses, it is important that you read the following tips carefully.

1, if you receive strange emails from unknown contacts, do not open them and delete them right away. Otherwise, your computer may catch vicious virus sent by online frauds that can control email.

2, do not click “reply” and reply the email directly because frauds may use similar emails to lure you. Please note that we only use this email format:

3, ALWAYS contact and reply to our sales or our managing director Scarlett for confirmation when you receive strange payment requests from any contacts that you find abnormal.

4, do not transfer payment to any so-called changed bank account without further confirmation, otherwise you will suffer losses.

5, run a virus check on your computer once a week to keep your computer from virus attack

Also, please note and keep in mind the following:

1. our company only has one appointed bank account:
Beneficiary name: AOQI Inflatables LTD. A/C No.: 817-270408-838
(It is listed on the first page of our website

2, if we do require you to transfer payment to another bank account, we will send you an official notification that has our company’s stamp and is signed manually by our managing director SCARLETT TAN.

3, DO NOT TRANSFER PAYMENT TO ANY OTHER NEW BANK ACCOUNT which you have never heard of before. Please contact our sales or our managing director Scarlett directly for confirmation.


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Fax: 86-20-38808862
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